Commercial Mortage Broker Benefits
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Commercial Mortgage Broker Benefits

For more than 46 years Romspen has provided various types of lending facilities that meet the financing needs of the mortgage brokerage community. Romspen is a non-bank commercial lender that specializes in providing lending services that fall outside of the strict parameters of conventional institutional lenders. As such, Romspen fills an important niche in the financing of broker-originated transactions.

Over the years we have earned a reputation as a knowledgeable and successful real estate lender. As a boutique operation we combine a proven track record of lending performance with a broad range of products and services that allow us to offer timely and flexible financing solutions to the Canadian mortgage brokerage community.

Romspen recognizes commercial mortgage brokers as a critical component in our business origination process. This means our process is transparent and commercial mortgage brokers represent important partners in the transaction process. It also means commercial mortgage brokers and their clients benefit from Romspen’s depth of knowledge and have access to the best products available on the market.

Mortgage brokerage fees are fully disclosed in all critical transaction documents to help avoid any misunderstandings or conflict with borrowers.

On the successful completion of a transaction, brokerage fees are distributed from our trust funds. This gives commercial mortgage brokers confidence that their service fees have been protected throughout even the most complex or lengthy transaction processes.

Furthermore, Romspen understands what ‘time-sensitive’ really means and does its best to provide Letters of Intent and Commitments within 48 hours to allow commercial mortgage brokers to fulfill the fast funding requirements of their clients.
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