Dundas Square - Toronto, ON
Bellevue Self Storage - Belleville, ON
Hotel Conversion - Chicago, IL
Downtown Porsche - Toronto, ON
Joshua Creek Commercial Complex - Toronto, ON
One St. Thomas Condominums - Toronto, ON
Deerhurst Resort - Huntsville, ON
Burns Building - Calgary, AB
River’s Edge Subdivision - Brampton, ON
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Since Romspen began operations as a syndicated mortgage lender in 1966, our objective has been to provide investors with strong absolute long term returns and performance consistency. Through all time periods and regardless of prevailing general economic performance, business cycles and interest rate environments we have consistently delivered strong results against this objective. We have accomplished this by applying disciplined lending principles to defined commercial mortgage market niches.

We are committed to full and timely disclosure about our business that allows our investors to stay informed about Romspen’s business and performance as we strive to meet our return mandate.
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