Joshua Creek Commercial Complex - Toronto, ON
One St. Thomas Condominums - Toronto, ON
Hotel Conversion - Chicago, IL
Downtown Porsche - Toronto, ON
Bellevue Self Storage - Belleville, ON
Deerhurst Resort - Huntsville, ON
Dundas Square - Toronto, ON
Spruce Grove Industrial Park - Edmonton, AB
The Heights of Falcon Ridge - Abbotsford, BC
River’s Edge Subdivision - Brampton, ON
Burns Building - Calgary, AB
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Romspen has successfully invested investor funds in mortgages for more than 50 years. In early 2006, Romspen formed a closed-end investment fund secured by a portfolio of commercial first mortgages to build a larger scale platform. Since inception, Romspen has invested over $7.2 billion in over 1000 mortgages. We have offices in midtown. Our senior management team has an average tenure of 17 years with Romspen. Romspen Investment Corporation, the manager of the Fund, has generated an average annualized return to investors of approximately 10% over the past 25 years. The total mortgage portfolio managed by Romspen currently exceeds $2.9 billion. The success of Romspen is due to its low tolerance for risk, and careful adherence to prudent underwriting principles.
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